Long Weekend

Long Weekend

This long weekend we (my wife and I) was -previously- planning to go to Bandung and then Bogor was the destination at our returning path, but as we saw the traffic jam news update that happened at most of the places we have had planned before, we canceled our plan. Haha…

So we just enjoyed our time at home and hanged out at Friday to a book store.

Read With Me Bible
A Story Bible for Children we bought

Yes, we bought a story bible for children for our future kid. We are so excited to wait and -at His time- to see our kid and read this bible for him/her.

And we went for some “sight seeing”.

2016-05-06 17.35.21
My wife with her new haircut

My wife got a new haircut dedicated to our baby…

Hahaha, kinda don’t have a relation to it but it’s okay. Just our happines expression though.

We are so excited to see you our beloved future borned baby…

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