QR Code Creator for Android

QR Code Creator for Android



Some of the train stations are now do not make a traveling ticket print-out for their passengers. They are now implemeting some Self Check-in Counters before passengers entering the inner station. Passengers have to enter their booking code and then print the boarding pass rather than the old type ticket.


It’s quite take some times for this printing sequence, for we have to read and enter our booking code. And you know? They are equipped with a barcode scanner near the computer keyboard. I think, I can use it and make the process faster.


I have some barcode apps in my phone. One of them is QR Droid that helped me with some QR code creation and modification. It has a rich features, a lot of QR code works can be handled with this app.

Back to the Self Check-in Counters at the train station I mentioned above. I was doing this QR code thing at my queue.

Choose the “create” option.


Choose Plain Text.


Enter the booking code to convert and tap the next arrow.


Tadaaa, now I have my booking QR code.

It can be saved to some type of files such as .PNG or .JPG but this time, I just want to put my phone screen in front of the barcode scanner.

And YES! It was just about 2 seconds from pointing the phone screen to barcode scanner, clicking the print button at the kiosk and then take the boarding pass.

Technology is there to ease us, but it will be a wasteful money investment if we can’t maximized its use.


Note: you can get the info for the header picture by scan and decode the QR code with your favourite QR code/barcode application.

-posted on the Progo trip to Jakarta

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